Freight Manager

Internationally trading companies of all sizes, often grapple with non-core activities, and how much, or what, should be handled in-house, and what is better out-sourced. In-house, non-core activities are purely a cost against the business, and while these activities can be fully justified in some cases, many companies incur far more in-house costs, and efficiency issues, than is necessary. SME’s often have a shipping manager and/or a  shipping department,  a CFO, procurement and/or purchasing managers having to find time to attend to freight and logistics, as well as their core role. Smaller companies see the owner, or MD spending time on trying to find the best freight costs, and then have to deal with the operational needs of importing/exporting, instead of developing their businesses. The opportunity cost is often not visible or obvious, but usually is significant. We, with a collaborative approach, can help assess what needs to be in-house, and what can be more economically, out-sourced. Gains in both productivity and cost-saving almost always occur following a we assessment.  Where appropriate, we can provide the services of a shipping manager or operational staff, on a part-time or needs basis, cutting significant costs, and increasing productivity.