Freight & Logistics

Completely independent International Trade, Freight & Logistics consultancy and advisory company, offering services in a number of key aspects of International Trade, and international shipping & airfreight.

Freight & Logistics We have staff on ground loading air freight & sea freight to ensure your products arrive on time while export documentation and consolidation of a wide range of products gives you increased frequency and freight savings.

Export Documentation

  1. Prepare your documents for submission to your Bank as per your Letter of Credit.
  2. Delivery of trade documents securely to your trading partners.
  3. Prepare and Print your Commercial Documents, quarantine and inspection documents.
  4. Liaise with your Shipping Company to generate the Bill of Ladings.
  5. Submit Electronic Certificate of Origins to Australian Chambers of Commerce‚Äôs 

TradeDocs: Department of Agriculture Approved For: Edible Meat, Inedible Meat, Wool, Seafood, Dairy, Grains, Plants & Horticulture